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 In 2014 we formed the first corps or Drums in the squadron history. This then grew and we formed an ensemble band. As other cadets joined the squadron we formed a full marching band.
In 2015 we won the ensemble section of Essex Wing band competition and proceeded to the regions finial. We practice most weekends and have played parades, represented Witham in the annual carnival, achieving 2nd in the band competition, and have been asked to lead the carnival in 2016.
We continue to grow and some members have been asked to play for the corps band at official engagements.
Thomas RussellImageBand Master
Cpr GunnImageSide Drum
Cdt BurderImageSide Drum
Cdt JordonImageSide Drum
Cdt BradleyImageBase Drum
Cdt BoultwoodImageTom Set
Cdt MarkhamImageCymbals
Cdt RainbirdImageBell Liar
Cdt FridImageFlute
Cpr RussellImageFlute
Cdt FrankishImageBugle and Cornet
Cdt VergoImageTrombone
Witham-Carnival - 9th-July-2016
Braintree Carnival - 9-June-2016
slow march - 12 April 2016
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