Capable staff, safe cadets

Our volunteers are the inspirational connection between the organisation and our cadets. The Royal Air Force Air Cadets train and prepare our staff (many of whom have been air cadets themselves or have a Service background) to deal with the needs of young people and encourage their skills in all endeavours they undertake. Staff at all levels are strictly checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) and receive internal security checks, before they can take sole charge or responsible leadership of cadets.

Volunteers are also fully trained and qualified in any activities that they are involved in, not least those taking part in adventurous pursuits who are also qualified first-aiders (essential first aid is also taught to cadets).

Rest assured - this is the way our squadrons operate - only with skilled, capable and responsible volunteers would we be able to maintain the high standards that our cadets experience and which helps push them to be higher achievers in everything they do with us - safely and confidently.

The Air Cadets offers as much to its adult staff as it does to the cadets themselves, as the backbone of our organisation we're always on the look out for high-calibre individuals to become volunteers, helping to run the activities that play such an important role in the lives of our young members.

The most common volunteer designation in Air Cadets is Civilian Instructor - it's a varied role allowing you to use your skills where they best fit. You can give as much or little time as you can, and you don't need any formal qualifications - just enthusiasm that's infectious.

Get in touch we will tell you when and where we meet. Pop in one evening and find out more on an informal basis, by talking to other volunteers and meeting some of the cadets. Everyone is really friendly and there to help you. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Flying Officer James King
(Officer Commanding 295)


Flying Officer
James King

Squadron OC and previous Air Cadet
Pilot Officer
Elley Shipley

Training Officer and EX 295 CWO
Adult Sergeant
David Russell

Squadron Sgt, Field craft, archery instructor. Wing band and Stem SNCO.
Civillian Instructor
Kevin Rowley

Stores, Aircraft Recce and dyorama, EX cadet
Commetee chair
Diane Russell

Squadron Chair

Rev Childs

Rev Childs is the squadron man of god (SMOG). He is the longest serving staff member at 295, as well as the wing chaplin.

Civilian Committee

Keeping good communications with parents is very important to us and we are happy for you to be part of the process. Do you have some free time to help out? If so, you can talk to the squadron staff about helping out informally at squadron events where parents frequently contribute their time and effort. Of course, you can go a step further and join our Civilian Committee.

As well as the obvious military element, there is also an allied civilian structure that effectively acts as the backbone of the Squadron. The Civilian Committee determine the running of the squadron as well as representation on the Air Defence Council. Each squadron has one, comprised of parents and friends, its role being to assist the Officer Commanding , raise funds and ensure the squadron maintains direction.

As you can imagine, fundraising is a very important aspect as it supports many of our activities. Most camps and other adventurous pursuits are financed through this fundraising and it's these efforts which help keep the cost of air cadet membership incredibly low.

Many parents and friends get a great deal of enjoyment and fun out of assisting the squadron as members of the Civilian Committee. We meet every 6-8 weeks, I am also in attendance as Chairman, with a Secretary and Treasurer. We will be very pleased to accept offers of extra help - even if you can't commit to regular or long term assistance.
Diane Russell