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CI Harry BrownImage
At 295 we have a very strong first aid history which continues to this day, all cadets will be expected to achieve the basic youth first aid certificate after they have passed their probation. We are luckily enough to have a very highly motivated team led by CI Harry Brown. If the cadets wish to they can gain further qualifications and enter a team into wing, region and core first aid competitions.
Feel free to have a look at some of the videos and images from first aid training and practice. These are normally lively affairs and we have great fun getting the makeup kit out and trying to make injuries look fairly realistic (not too gory). We have some budding actors who have great fun in playing the role. Sometime this is over egged slightly but it just makes the event that more memorable, prizes are allocated for the best actor or actress. This has helped several cadets use their first air skills in real life situations outside of cadets. This is a skill they will keep for the rest of their life.
Cprl Burder Practice - Feb 16
Cdt Davies Practice - 14 Feb 16

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