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295 Witham and Rivenhall Air Training Corps


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He RAF is governed by a list of AP (air publication), this in turn transfer to the Air Training Corps as either an AP or and ACP (Air Cadet Publication). There are far too many to list on this site, but please find a list of the most used and relevant ones.

You may also find an AP followed by a ā€˜cā€™, this is a AP relevant to the cadets. Most AP or ACP will have an edition number and we will endeavour to keep the list here up to date.

If you have any question please speak to a member of staff, do not believe that the document is the latest version. If you would like to see a AP/ACP that is not here please use the contact form to request it.

AP and ACP's.
ACP 4 Child Protection
ACP 4 ChildProtectionGuide YellowCard
ACP19 Sec11 Ceremonial Parades General
ACP19 Sec5 Stick Dril
ACP19 Sec5 Stick Dril
ACP19 Sec4 Basic Drill
ACP19 Sec2 Saluting
ACP19 Sec01 Basic Priciples
ACP19 Sec00 Introduction
ACP19 Sec12 ATC Ensign
ACP 31 Section 2 (The RAF)
ACP 31 Section 1 (The ATC)
ACTO119 Band Compitition rules
AP162 Trumpet Calls
AP818 Part2 Ceremonial
AP818 Part1 Drill
Introduction to AP818
AP818 Condensed
AP818 Part3 PublicDuties
Do not assume this is the most up to date version.